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Your Step by Step Guide to Success with the PIX/ASA Firewall

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Are you ready for your
Keys To Success
with the PIX/ASA Firewall?

This powerful book will lead you into success with the PIX/ASA Firewall and in your IT Network Security career!
Do you...
* want to learn the PIX/ASA Firewall, but are not sure where to start?
* not want to spend hundreds of dollars on classes, textbooks or personal tuition?
* have limited time, and need to learn the PIX/ASA Firewall quickly?

From: Eric S. Severson

Dear Friend,

The Internet is an amazing tool that has changed the way we live our lives. However, with all of the positive and beneficial aspects of the Internet, there are some equally negative aspects. One primary negative aspect is the increasing number of “hackers and crackers” who use the Internet for mischief, theft and destruction.

There is no doubt about it, hackers are on the rise. Cyber attacks are dramatically increasing as hackers, crackers and virus writers learn new techniques to penetrate computer networks and IT security systems.

The good news is that you can get involved now. You can help to stop these malicious computer users and you can make a tremendous income doing it.

How would you like to own your own IT Network Security Consulting business? Do you think there is a market for IT Security Consultants at this time? Of course there is!

I have been incredibly successful in my IT Network Consulting business and so can you!

Every business and every home that is connected to the Internet needs a Firewall.

Think about that for a minute… Every business and every home that is connected to the Internet needs a Firewall. Also think about the number of new homes and businesses coming online everyday. Talk about potential and possibility! This is a ripe harvest field!

So, the question is not, “is there need for this type of service?”

The question is: “what part will you be playing in it?”

Follow the leader!

The Cisco PIX/ASA Firewall is clearly an industry leader in the IT Network Security market. As you stick with the leaders, you gain the ability to share in their successes.

The field of IT Network Security will only continue to grow in the coming years. It doesn't take long to realize that those with PIX/ASA Firewall knowledge, understanding and experience will be in even greater demand as the the need for IT Network Security increases.

The Cisco PIX/ASA Firewall is here to stay, so learn all you can about it, and launch into new heights in your career and in your business.

Your keys to success

Learn and specialize on the industry leading PIX/ASA Firewall, and blaze your trail of success as a PIX/ASA Firewall expert.

You will learn exactly what it takes to deliver a secure network to your customer using the PIX/ASA Firewall.

You will be taken step by step through the PIX/ASA, from the basic tasks to the more complex and beyond.

Whether you already know something about the PIX/ASA or are a complete “newbie” doesn’t matter.
You will learn here in a matter of hours what it took me years to learn by training and experience.

You will gain the expertise necessary to begin implementing PIX/ASA Firewalls immediately.

You will receive numerous configuration examples and real world scenarios.

You will have access to detailed design diagrams to aid you in your learning.

You will receive easy to understand discussion in vital areas that you need to know about the PIX/ASA.

I often get the question, "which PIX/ASA Firewall does this ebook include? I want to make sure my PIX/ASA model is covered."

Good question...

You will learn what it takes to configure any PIX model with the PIX OS including the following:

  • PIX 501
  • PIX 506
  • PIX 506E
  • PIX 515
  • PIX 515E
  • PIX 515FE
  • PIX 520
  • PIX 525
  • PIX 535
  • ASA 5505
  • ASA 5510
  • ASA 5520
  • ASA 5540
  • ASA 5550
  • Cisco Firewall Service Module (FWSM)

Once you gain the knowledge and understanding you need on the PIX/ASA OS you will be able to set up any PIX Firewall model for you client or employer!

This ebook also includes information on both Version 6.x and 7.x of the PIX/ASA OS.

This is some valuable information to add to your network tool kit. While it is known that the PIX/ASA Firewall does have a learning curve, this ebook will give you the keys you need to succeed with the PIX!

Here are some of the specific technical areas we will be covering:

  • Outbound communications through the PIX/ASA
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Port Address Translation (PAT)
  • Using “Global” addressing on the PIX/ASA
  • Inbound communications through the PIX/ASA
  • Using the “Static” command on the PIX/ASA
  • Using Access Lists on the PIX/ASA
  • Using Object Groups on the PIX/ASA
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) with the PIX/ASA
  • Using PIX Device Manager (PDM) and ASDM graphical interface

In addition, you will learn all about how the PIX/ASA handles security using the ASA, which PIX/ASA model is right for your client or business, detailed features and benefits of the PIX/ASA, places where PIX/ASA Firewalls are needed, and much more…

If you are looking to start a new business in the field of IT Network Security, even if it is only on the side part-time, this book will give you the keys you need to succeed with the PIX/ASA Firewall.

Interested in becoming PIX/ASA Firewall expert? Now is your chance to get in!

Consider these Facts

  • You DON’T need a college degree.
  • You DON’T need any certifications.
  • You DON’T need years of experience.
  • DOES NOT Require a huge investment.
  • Your knowledge will be in great demand in the industry.
  • This teaching is not theory, but a practical step by step guide.

How to Get the Book


PIX/ASA Firewall Keys is an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. After purchasing you will be directed to a secure page, where you will download this file.

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The final cost of PIX/ASA Firewall Keys is still being determined, but during the introductory marketing period, you can download this book for just $37.77. That’s less than one-fifth the amount I charge for a one-hour site visit!

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So, what are you waiting for? PIX/ASA Firewall Keys is the shortcut to success you've been looking for. This is a small price to pay for the amount of knowledge you will gain. I have literally put years of my own personal experience into this and am offering it to you to take it and run with it!

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This is the PIX/ASA Firewall resource I was always looking for when I was learning the PIX, but could never find.

May you prosper in all that you do!


Eric S. Severson


Have a question about ordering or anything else? Click the "contact me" link above.

P.S. Remember, you can try out PIX/ASA Firewall Keys risk free for 45 days.

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P.P.P.P.S. It has been requested that all of the diagrams in the ebook be made available for your personal use. As a special bonus when you place your order you will now be able to download every Visio diagram that is used in the ebook!

This means that you not only get the ebook, but now all of the Visio diagrams are also included free of charge!

These diagrams can be easily edited so that you can provide professional quality network diagrams to your employer or client.

The value on this special bonus alone is worth well over $100.00 as I generally charge my clients $100.00 to $200.00 for customized network security diagrams.


Have a look at just some of the wonderful testomonies I have received from my many satisfied customers:

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Subject: Regarding your ebook Thanks for your great book.


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Subject: PIX Firewall Keys

Eric, This is the best PIX resource available for the price.

Great job!

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Subject: PixfirewallKey is A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric! You are good! (PixFirewallkey is A+) I been trying for months thinking how I was going to understand the pix firewall. Just 45 minutes I was able to have a peace of mind with the pix and I can sleep!

Many Many Many Many

Thnks, Hans IT consultant

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Subject: I appreciate the book

Author! Dear Sir, In the month December I purchased ‘PIX FIREWALL KEYS’ I gained lot of knowledge step by step in detail from your book, before I use to search & read lot of books from different publishers... but none gave me the details like your book... Imtiaz

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Subject: Thank you for rousing my interest

Eric, Excellent book...

Thanks again,


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Subject: I just purchased your eBook

Eric, I appreciate your book so much...


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Subject: PIX Firewallkeys

Hi Eric, I think you have done a great job of simplifying CISCOs' documentation and have brought the essence of programming the PIX across very clearly!


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Subject: Love the book!

Mr. Severson, I recently purchased a copy of your book "Pix Firewall Keys" and I am about half way through it. You do a great job breaking it down so I can understand the basic concepts without giving me a lot of info that I don't need.

Thanks for your help!


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Subject: Hey nice info

Mr. Severson, I luv the ebook, its printed out and in a binder....Best 27 bucks I have ever spent!

best regards,


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Eric, Our company purchased your product and find it very valuable in learing about the pix. I also enjoy the emails we receive from you. Keep them coming!


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Dear Eric, First i need to thank that your ebook was Really Amazing and user friendly. i have downloaded your ebook Pix firewall keys. i had gone throgh the book for three days now i have a CLEAR idea in NAT,Object-grouping. your Real world scenario is also amazing.

with truly


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Eric, i am using your Book"pixfirewallkey"which helped me a geat way of learning pix firewall.

Thank you! Thomas

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Subject: Book

Eric, Thanks so much for writing that book. I already had a general knowledge of the pix and could configure what I needed to do. However, your book gave me the understanding of what I was doing and helped me tremendously with the CLI. I think you are the first to come out with a resource like this that touches practical use of the device.

Thanks again Eric

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Subject: Book

Hi Eric, Your book is so simplified and easy to understand...

Stay Blessed,


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Eric, I have purchased your ebook and it is excellent!



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Subject: Your book

Hello Eric, I want to thank you for the book. It was extremely helpful in getting the PIX up and running.

Kind Regards


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Subject: PIX Firewall Keys

Hi Eric, I purchased your Pix Firewall Keys book online and after reading it found I had gained the fundamental knowledge to leverage the appliance. Great book and thanks for the help and information.


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Hi Eric, I just downlaod your ebook and I just want to let you know how i love it. It answered my long last searching for a basic but very informative where to start learning about pix.

Thank you


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Hi Eric, I want to say this PDF on PIX firewalls is excellent. It is clear, precise, and easy to understand, unlike the online modules I have been taking with the Cisco Academy. I am very happy to have found such a source of information.

Thank you


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Subject: Good book Hi Eric, I just bought your PDF book, great work. You know it is really hard to just find a step by step tutorial on a PIX. I am very greatful to you.

Thanks again.


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